Senior Glazier

Mitch formally commenced his employment with us in 1996. Before that as a child he remembers being involved in the construction of our premises and even received a bike in payment for helping lay the concrete! We call him Major Mitchell after the name he gave his boat. He’s got a memory of an elephant, so if it’s been done or been used in the industry Mitch will probably remember.

Senior Glazier

Marc is one of our senior tradesman with an interesting nickname of Chook. He has extensive experience ranging across Architectural glazing through to large commercial projects. Lateral thinker and solution based problem solver – he’s a bloke you’d want on your team.

Matt K
Senior Glazier

Another Glaziers son. Matt has been running around glass workshops since he can remember. He started his employ within his family business in Country NSW before moving to the BIG SMOKE. He’s laser focused on delivery quality and enjoys working and helping train fellow team members. Loves include AFL, his family and has been known to own a few neat cars over the years…


Well-rounded glazier hailing from just down the road. James has experience in all facets of glazing and aluminium. Another son of a Glazier with glass in his DNA. This man loves his cars and bikes. He also loves pushing limits so don’t challenge him to anything as he will more than likely take it on!


He commenced his Apprenticeship with us in 2021. He is our muscle when required, he will do the heavy lifting for our “older” tradesmen and doesn’t shy away from it. He is learning all aspects of being a glazier and enjoys the outcomes he sees when the job is complete. Brock loves his footy and can often be seen nursing a few bruises on a Monday morning during winter.


Joined us in 2021 as a 1st year apprentice, wanting to come to the big smoke from the lush greens up the Valley. Jimmy is the get in, let’s get it done kind of guy. He is the quiet achiever, coming along in leaps and bounds. If you meet Jimmy, ask him what he had for lunch? Could put bets on…… Macca’s!


Well we all know the truth and that is Nat runs the show (let’s hope David doesn’t read this!) She’s been working with David for many years and knows the business inside and out. She is a positive and strong leader and an astute thinker.

Customer Support

She’s the first face you will see when you visit our workshop and the voice greeting you on the phone. Maddie loves to help people and will guide you through your experience with us. Maddie is like a dog with a bone and chases things up to ensure each job run smoothly

Accounts (bean counter)

He’s our numbers man and unsurprisingly he enjoys them. Gary keeps all the crew on their toes but is always open to approving investment if it helps our customer receive a better job.


We often say that Allan has forgotten more than most Glaziers know. He comes from a building background before he started fabricating windows. Over his time, he progressed from the floor to running workshops. Allan is a walking encyclopedia and his 40+ years’ experience in the industry makes him perfect person to design solutions for our clients. He’s the guy who turns concepts into drawings and then our team make it into reality. Don’t be fooled by his quiet approachable demeanour, he’s got a race car hiding in his garage at home.

The Real Boss and David’s Wife

Lauren has been working in the industry for over 14 years. She understands the glazing industry and provides support in the office as required. With the majority of her time now spent chasing three children when she does appear in the workshop she manages to bring it to a standstill as our team know this means scrumptious morning tea or a luscious lunch!

Chief – Certified Glazier

David is the coach and mentor of our team. He’s always challenging the status quo and encouraging continuous improvement. David’s knowledge and skills are sought across the world where he provides consultancy to companies as far as Chile, USA and Pacific Islands. He’s also well known for his community contribution with many groups and association benefiting. We’ll dub him Chief here as it’s what he dressed up as at our last Christmas party.

Upon installation, we ask our customers to inspect their custom made product to ensure they are just right. If any problems are found at that point, we are happy to book a time to meet with you and work together to ensure you are happy.