Let’s arrange a meet and greet consultation with you to determine exactly what you envision your space to be. We understand that a poor design and functionality will limit your potential return on investment.

If you need ideas on what type or style of glass installation will suit your facade, our glaziers are happy to advise you on the range of options available. Our glaziers stay current with the latest plans, techniques and glass products available so we can provide you with the most contemporary and cost-effective alternative for your glazing project.

Update your shop front with modern, low maintenance windows and doors. Standard shopfront applications to the most challenging structural designs with aluminium framing for a multitude of applications, flexible use, light, slim design.

We have many options for energy efficiency through our glass types available. Acoustic Framing is the ideal system when sound reduction is paramount, it is ideal for commercial shopfronts, showrooms and high-end residential projects.

Design and Drawing

You may know that your business needs a renovation/upgrade but need help with what your options are and what would best suit your situation. We can help you achieve a highly refined design outcome, offering fabrication and installation service.

One of our experienced team can advise you on different design ideas, showing you pictures of our past installations and providing potential designs that we feel may best suit your needs.

Shop Front – Framed and Frameless

Framed – Does your business need a upgrade? An attention-grabbing shop front to really get your customers to notice you. Whatever your business we have a design to suit. We will work with you to come up with a plan so you can stand out from your competitors. Low maintenance, strong and sturdy, clean lines. Our designs will stand the test of time and the elements of a busy business environment.

Frameless – With uninterrupted views of the outdoors or other sections of your inside space, frameless glass doors also allow more natural light to pass through, giving visual and energy-saving benefits to a business.

Fixed Panels – Aluminium is strong and durable and will last a long time. It is virtually maintenance free and is effective across a range of geographical and environmental conditions. It stands up to the elements. Fixed Panels or Partitions are a viable option for a more stylish, efficient spaces with ample use of glass to allow light in.

Silicone Joined Panels – This method of installing glass to provide wide horizontal areas of vision without the interruption of vertical framing members. The use of several individual glass panes to form a continuous span of glazing with vertical glass-to-glass joints.

Auto Door

Auto door models include: commercial frameless glass with ultra slim line profile equipped with advanced door technology. Designed for new standards with no exposed wiring, energy efficient and quiet operation. Our auto doors have a long life service.

We can do security doors for use in escape and rescue routes, and fire protection barriers. Including special products such as doors for sterile clinical applications, airtight doors and one-way door systems.


Obscure / frosted / opaque / translucent glass is used to ensure your privacy without preventing light from passing through!

Modern and elegant with low maintenance. Partitions can enhance appearance of residential apartments / high rise buildings


Slide into a discrete stack when opened or complete awning opening leaving an opening unobstructed by frames, making them ideal for creating an open space as well as bringing the outside in enabling a connection between the indoors and outdoors making a great addition to any commercial dining area.


Glass balustrading is an increasingly popular choice in commercial buildings, due to the value they add and the modern look they offer, maximise available balcony area.

Balustrading in commercial application needs to handle large numbers of people, they need to be structurally strengthened without being terrifying, keep the space visually open while providing a sense of security.

Glass – Energy Efficiency

Glass is not just a functional building product but it adds value to your business. Considerations when choosing your glass – natural light, comfort and energy efficiency.

Our supplier of the glass we choose is manufactured to meet Australia’s extreme weather conditions, meticulous Building Code and exceptional quality.

For more information on Glass Products check out our suppliers easy to use Product Finder:

Doors and Windows

New Aluminium commercial doors and window advantages in strength, resilient, light, low maintenance, security and affordability.

Range of glazing options with thermal and acoustic insulation available including single and double glazing.


Auto sliding and swinging windows and doors offer many ways to improve and secure accessibility, safety and convenience in any building. Auto doors welcome visitors, guide traffic and preserve indoor climate zones.

Automation is great for locations that experience heavy, busy traffic.