Custom window & door solutions for your home. We will work with you to get the most out of what you see in your home, whether it is for air flow, views, noise reduction, temperature control, different configurations. Custom design service to get to your creative requirements. In our business there is no one size fits all or “standard size”. Lets plan, custom fabricate and install your aluminium windows and doors.


Glass adds value to your home. We can help you find a glass solution to replace, reglaze, new for old existing glass. The supplier of glass we choose is manufactured to meet Australia’s extreme weather conditions, meticulous Building Code and exceptional quality.

Glass is now more clever and energy efficient than ever before. It is now easier to access and understand the benefits of choosing better glass for our homes and buildings.

Glass for heat and noise reduction can absorb external noise and maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. Allowing you to disconnect and recharge in your home.

Doors and windows can be glazed in A-Grade safety glass and have a range of glazing options with thermal and acoustic insulation available including single and double glazing.

Glass can be obscure, frosted, opaque or translucent and used to ensure your privacy without preventing light from passing through.

Considerations when choosing the right glass – natural light, comfort, safety, security, noise control and energy efficiency.

For more information on Glass Products check out our suppliers easy to use Product Finder:


Sliding – Stacking – Bi- Fold – Corner Fitted – Hinged

Is the entrance to your home lost? First impressions on your guests count. With modern glass options for your front door with auto locking possibilities. Do you want the “Holy Dooley” factor when people walk into your home?

Designed and manufactured to the highest standard with a range of fittings to provide a slim neat appearance so your glass remains the central feature.

Because of the properties of aluminium, it is weather resistant, unlikely to dent, rust or expand, making stronger, safer doors.

Aluminium’s durability also makes aluminium frames low maintenance. Property owners no longer have to sand, seal, or repaint the frames every few years, saving time and money. Lightweight allows for the easy opening and closing of doors. The slim profile despite holding glass aluminium allows for frames with sleek and aesthetically pleasing lines.


Sliding – Double Hung – AwningServery

Ask any architect or builder and they will tell you: ‘The choice of windows and doors can make or break the outcome of a building project!’

Whether it is a new residential construction, window replacement or a renovation we can install windows to your specifications and requirements.

Our windows are a unique combination of form and function with a modern designer look. Choose from typical configurations or customise to suit your requirements. Carinya windows product range include sliding, double hung, awning or louvre type.

For the bathroom you can have obscure glass glazed into new window and include a choice of screening options with superior mesh solutions.

Aluminium windows with Glass for heat and noise reduction – absorbs external noise and maintains a comfortable temperature in the home. Disconnect and recharge in your home. Click here to view glass types. 

A servery window is a unique bold alternative to the sliding window. Stylish and essential to any alfresco area – exquisite feature, it will promise you a lifetime of reliable and efficient service. Bringing two spaces together seamlessly with natural light and controlled ventilation.

The entire Carinya Collection has been fully tested to meet or exceed Australian Standards AS2047, AS1170 and AS1191.


Easy Hand Operation – Automated Powerlouvre

Louvres allow more ventilation than any other type of window, creating a natural comfortability. Each window is made to order, designed specifically for Australian weather and tested to Australian Standards.

When designing your new build or renovation consider the way you operate your louvre windows within reach or up high, they can be easily operated with a touch of a button, or automatically in anticipation of needs, not in response to them. Operate power louvres up high without the need of rods or manual handles, going automated will give visual appeal with low voltage motors concealed within the frame and no unsightly control rods.

Both security and insect screens can be fitted to your louvre window for ventilation and protection.