Like most people, we’re passionate about great food and drink – and love sharing it with friends and family. We will work hard with our clients that will allow their customers to fully enjoy the experience, that they will be happy to spend hours in. More and more social areas in clubs and pubs/bars are encouraging less of a social din and more intimate conversations within their establishments with the use of sound-proofing materials, includes noise reducing glass products.

As we believe that a successful Bar runs on atmosphere, we will help create the best use of the space available and will integrate complementary finishes to achieve the right atmosphere for the location.

Whether it is shop front installations, internal glass partitions or frameless glass installations to stacker doors or bifolds, our glaziers will customise products to your exact specifications.


The outside of your business speaks volumes about what your customers expect from the services you provide. First impression created by aluminium doors and windows installed in your commercial building has a huge influence on customer’s judgments. The more attractive the doors and windows are, the more appealing it is and therefore the higher the chances of getting new loyal customers.

When you are thinking about your business doors think of the design to be accessible and convenient to attract your clientele inside the business.


Our Bifold windows and doors can have a running track recessed into servery benches to create a stylish, up-market finish. Wide opening to maximise views and airflow.

Bifold doors use high performance hardware and are designed with large floor to ceiling applications in mind. A functional alternative to traditional door units in commercial applications. Its versatility allows countless specifications to be achieved, from standard shopfront applications, through to the most challenging structural and energy requirements. superior in strength and performance.

Stacker Doors

The perfect door for extra wide entrance with being versatile and practical in a commercial application. Stacker doors provide the largest openings for entertaining and ventilation. Flat sill allows a flush rebate but being durable and strong.

Doors are glazed in A-Grade safety glass and have a range of glazing options with thermal and acoustic insulation available including single and double glazing.

Servery Windows

Slide into a discrete stack when opened, leaving an opening unobstructed by frames, making them ideal for creating an open space as well as bringing the outside in enabling a connection between the indoors and outdoors making a great addition to any commercial dining area.

Awning windows are the ones hinged at the top, push out on gas struts. Maximum possible opening and view, capture breezes and can be easily retro fitted in any existing opening.

Mirrors – antique, vision for room looking larger

Mirrors can be used for reflection, decoration, architecture, or an accent wall. Mirrors come in various finishes – silver mirror glass, bronze, grey and antique, vintage, distressed. Mirrors will brighten up a commercial space and can change an entire aspect of a room.

Think outside of the mirror being just for the bathroom or dressing room……

Partitions and Gaming / Smoking Room / Air Lock, Automated, Privacy, 2nd Entry / VIP Partitions

Obscure / frosted / opaque / translucent glass is used to ensure your privacy without preventing light from passing through!

Modern and elegant with low maintenance. Partitions can enhance appearance of residential apartments / high rise buildings

Gaming/Smoking Room glass privacy screens can make a huge difference to how your Gaming/Smoking Room looks and performs.

How do you achieve more privacy and still create an attractive room? The answer lies in looking at how all the elements of your privacy screen work together with your Gaming/Smoking Room. Glass allows enough light in in varying degrees dependent on the glass type in the application.


When designing your new build or renovation consider the way you operate your louvre windows within reach or up high, they can be easily operated with a touch of a button, or automatically in anticipation of needs, not in response to them. Operate power louvres up high without the need of rods or manual handles, going automated will give visual appeal with low voltage motors concealed within the frame and no unsightly control rods.


Glass is not just a functional building product but it adds value to your business. Considerations when choosing the right glass – natural light, comfort and energy efficiency.

The supplier of glass we choose is manufactured to meet Australia’s extreme weather conditions, meticulous Building Code and exceptional quality.

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