Our Story

In 1951 Mr Cotton set out on a journey to create a custom glass company to service the ‘locals’ of Newcastle. He was a progressive thinker and invested in modern equipment with the aim of ensuring quality and improve fabrication times. This approach resulted in his team growing and quickly formed a reputation for quality and service.

Today we continue to invest in technology and develop progressive solutions through a learning culture. As a team we explore and evaluate new products, fabrication processes and trends. We manage each individual customised job through our tailored process within our electronic job management system. We actively pursue a balance of traditional craftmanship with a healthy infusion of progressive thinking and technology.

As we come closer to our 70th year of service and in a world where fewer and fewer things are made by people who care, we’re still excited to make quality custom made items. It’s inherent in our teams and company’s DNA and we love it!